The beginning to Lather

It all started with a little girl born and raised in Durham, North Carolina wanting  to always do more for her community.
I went to the le cordon blue in 2009 to get my culinary arts degree because I always Wanted to be able to change individuals aspects on life just by things that I can produce with my hands .

After working in the culinary field for 13 year And enjoy being a chef . My child became ill and was having a lot of digestive issues so I literally had to step back from being a chef to become a nurse to my child . Figuring out different things that could help her in many ways and child I started realizing that a lot of the products that I was using on my child was affecting her body In many way.

I started Lather Premium Soap Bar and Body Care  During this pandemic ,that we all have been affected by because I have realized in so many ways that sometimes you do not feel like taking a shower because you mentally do not feel good and I want it to be able to make a product that could make you at least feel good and get your clean at the same time while you’re in your comfort of your own home . After bad experiences with over the counter soaps that were popular on the market.  These soaps, one in particular always left my skin feeling unclean and itchy. I could never use them on my face.  I began making my own soaps and after having friends and family members try them, I decided to start my own business in 2021

These are some of the ingredients that I use in my products Saponification Organic Shea butter ,Organic mango butter , Olive oil , Organic coconut oils to cleanse and hydrate, essential oils to soothe and a dash of love
To help with the love experience that my products are going to bring to your household.

My mission

To spread love And support one bar at a time in the homeless community and also throughout the world to show everyone that one bar at a time is all that we need to start cleaning this world up.

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