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Lather Premium Soap Bar and Body care

Rose Confetti Soap Bar

Rose Confetti Soap Bar

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This is definitely one of my favorites it reminds me of actually laying in a puddle of roses and not only will it have you clean but also have your skin feeling hydrated with that " butter" aka mango butter. 

 Here are some of the fantastic ingredients in this Bar-


Mango butter-

 is effective in preventing inflammation and itching caused by dry skin. It is an excellent source of triglycerides (a form of glycerin). These fatty acids work as emollients to soften the skin and prevent it from feeling dry and itchy.

 Rose clay-

Rose clay is ideal for mature, aging skin that lacks elasticity and collagen. The application of detoxifying clay can stimulate cellular regeneration that slows as we get older. Over time, rose clay can aid in restoring impaired tissue function, allowing the skin to automate its natural self-cleaning and balancing abilities 






saponified oils of coconut oil, mango butter, palm oil, olive oil shea butter, castor oil, rose clay, distilled water, sodium hydroxide(lye) fragrance; rose, lemongrass, fragrance oil.

Instructions how to use

Lather up then rinse clean!
Storage Keep this bar somewhere dry and draining between uses. For travel, pop it in a sealed container


4.3--4.5 oz

Care InFo

Warnings: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Spot test for sensitivity. Not for use on hypersensitive or damaged skin. Not for use on children under 6. If adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use and contact your physician

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